Here at the Scottsdale Property Shop, we ascribe to Real Estate Jeet Kun Do.

The seminal principle of the late Bruce Lee, his  “way of no way”  posits that a martial artist takes what works from a given system of self-defense and discards the rest, lest he be bogged down with dogma instead of practical usefulness.  In Real Estate parlance, that means culling the most effective elements from the bread and butter basics and marrying them with ever-evolving techniques along the interminable road to enlightenment.

What, too New Agey?

Okay, how’s this?  We have tried, and continue to try everything.  With over 50 combined years of throwing every sales technique you can imagine against the wall, we have a pretty good handle on what sticks.  Every house is unique, and therefore every marketing plan is specifically tailored to its strengths.  As such, it is difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all blueprint for the exact manner in which we will market your home, but there are commonalities with every listing we take.

Your home will be splashed across the Internet.   It is almost trite to spout the statistics, but they are staggering.  With upwards of 80% of all homebuyers beginning their searches online these days, we have gone all-in with our virtual marketing.  Blogs, social media, syndicated listings across all major Real Estate sites, virtual flyers, virtual tours, scores of digital pictures … we are on it.

We don’t place all of our eggs in the ethereal basket, however.

In sync with the modern consumer, but rooted in the principles of tried and true salesmanship, we know how to beat the drum within the local Real Estate community to get your home in front and center of the sales force.  Networking with fellow agents via tour groups, marketing meetings, etc is every bit as important to procuring a buyer as direct advertising.  We have worked hard to earn our reputation in this business, and fellow agents look forward to bringing their buyers to our listings as they know a professional transaction will ensue.

Open houses are hit and miss, and we take them on a case by case basis. Opening up the floodgates to the general public can be a bit risky (without the pre-screening of a specific showing appointment, you never really know who is walking through your house), so we prefer to utilize them only in neighborhoods in which they have proven fruitful, or if we are not generating adequate foot traffic through other measures.

Print advertising is dead.  D … E … A … D.

While some folks still open their Sunday paper to see who is running the biggest, splashiest ads, I can tell you one demographic that is not – buyers.  Who waits for the morning paper when everything is online? If you want the front page of the Arizona Republic Real Estate section, we aren’t your guys.  It’s a pointless expense that we would have to pass along to you, and adds zero value to our service.  We direct our marketing dollars into the arenas where buyers actually look these days.  Avoiding wasteful extravagances where we can, it helps us keep our fees competitive without sacrificing performance.

Perhaps the most important facet to placing your home on the market with us is that you work with us.  Period.  No legion of assistants or green agents who each handle a different portion of the transaction.  From the first pre-listing appointment to the signing of your closing documents, we are there every step of the way.  You will speak with either Ray or Paul only.  We attend home inspections, meet appraisers with thorough informational packages (more important than ever given the difficulties in this arena at present), attend all client closings … if we weren’t so darned affable, you would be sick to death of our faces by the time you hand over the keys to the new owners.

We know these houses.

We know these schools & amenities.

We know why a buyer will want to buy your house instead of the Johnson’s down the street, and how to convince them they do if they don’t.

If you are thinking about selling your Scottsdale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley home, you need our kung fu.  Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

Curious if we work your neighborhood? Check out our coverage map featuring 250 of our most recent sales. A quick look should tell you how active we are (or aren’t) in your community.


Ray & Paul