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Moving Day – A Realtor’s Pledge

Moving Day

Moving day is never easy. Keepsakes overwhelm boxes. Boxes overwhelm trunks. Memories overwhelm hearts. Leaving a house is simple. Leaving a home is sacred. It is something that demands reflection and resolve, whether the circumstances surrounding the upheaval are chosen or forced. Happy or sad. Not everything fits neatly into a box. Not everything is…

Tips For Selling Your Home By Attending All Showings

1. Don’t.

Is it Time to Sell My House?

As of this morning (2/24/12), there are 16,589 properties actively listed for sale in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service, well below our peak inventory levels in the 50,000+ range at the height of the foreclosure crisis. Moreover, there are currently more homes under contract (19,962) across the Valley than currently available to purchase. 7486…

On Seller Repair Refusals and Buyer’s Remorse

Surely, they won’t blow the deal up over THAT? A refrain familiar to any working Realtor. Be it a frozen shut-off valve under the kitchen sink, a double-tapped breaker in the main electrical panel, a wobbly ceiling fan or a stubborn sliding glass door, there is a minor nit or five in most every list…

The Good, The Bad and The Stinky

“So what do we think of Toots?” Rochelle Laraway waited the three seconds it took for her husband to look up from his notes. “Toots,” the software engineer questioned, pulling his keen eyes from the meticulously organized data on the yellow legal pad. “Mr. Bartowski,” Rochelle replied. “Don’t pretend you didn’t notice.” She pinched her…

The Frankenstein House

It's Alive!

“Three fifty? Are you out of your freaking skull,” the rotund, little man bellowed beneath a reddening bald pate. “You disagree with my analysis,” Maxwell Listers surmised. He was not unaccustomed to the question, though twenty six years of patient rebuttal had him rethinking the answer some days. “You call that an analysis,” Ollie Meanders…

Selling a Home with a Tenant

Emergency Real Estate Flotation Device

Selling a tenant occupied home … how do I put this delicately … kind of sucks. That’s right, selling a home with a tenant sucks. Why, you ask? Because there is little to no motivation on the part of the occupant to participate in the process. Think about it. With zero financial stake in the…

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