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The Scottsdale Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Glossary

When immersing oneself into the home buying or selling process, a consumer will quickly find him or herself inundated with an unfamiliar vernacular: Realtorspeak As we in the business have a tendency to forget that not everyone readily understands our acronym-heavy lexicon, the following is the CliffsNotes version of a Scottsdale Real Estate dictionary. Of…

How Not To Draft Your Short Sale Hardship Letter

To whom it may concern, I am drafting this explanation of hardship in attempt to effect a short sale of my property located at 88 W. Tantalus Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. When I purchased the property on 1/16/2005, I was under the impression that Real Estate values never declined. That’s what the guy doing the…

Market Value Versus Assessed Value: Where Not to Look for Your Home’s True Worth

Maricopa County property tax valuation notices go out in another month or so, and the reverberation of a couple million jaws dropping will once again shake the Valley of the Sun. Whether a new homeowner’s first tax valuation experience or a case of seasonal amnesia in longer-tenured residents, many succumb to reverse sticker shock upon…

Won’t Appraise, You Say? Then Bring Me a Cash Buyer!

Earnest Deposit FAQ

If only it were that simple. I’ve had this pearl lobbed across the kitchen table by a would-be Scottsdale home seller in denial more times than I can count, and I can count all the way to eleven, thank you very much. After all, it’s self-evident that the single most effective way to combat the…

No One Cares About The Fun Bubble

Open houses were how I made my initial bones in the Real Estate business. One of the tried and true methods for encountering the home buying public in its natural environment, it proved to be the old school prospecting technique that was the best fit for my sensibilities as a rookie agent. Why sit in…

The Foreclosure Moratorium: An Opportunity for Mom & Pop Home Sellers?

With the latest scuttlebutt in the housing industry centering around a rising political push for a large scale foreclosure moratorium by leading lending institutions, most are aware that Bank of America became the first to issue a temporary nationwide pause in foreclosures this past week. Though B of A is the first to stay their…

How Do I Get the Best Deal On Real Estate Services?

Certainly, we are all aware that Real Estate fees are negotiable and that there is no set standard for the services of a REALTOR. Mind you, that does not mean agents are under any obligation to deviate from their stated rates, but it does mean that what Agent X quotes for his services is not…

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