Monthly Archives: August 2011

Follow you on Facebook? Sure! Wait … why?

"Follow you where, exactly?"

I must confess, most solicitations to follow a local business on Twitter, Facebook or any other recently-sprouted head of the social media hydra are met with the same level of enthusiasm I once harbored for an extra trip to the orthodontist. Sure, I’ll “like” your fanpage! And maybe later we can head over to Dr….

The Tenant and the Cabana Boy

Joyce DeMannon traced a white glove-encased fingertip over a lamp shade and inspected it for residue. Satisfied, she gave a curt, reluctant nod to the head of the maid staff. “Turndown service every morning, of course,” the chambermaid informed her dour guest. “Standard mint on the pillow, or you can inform my staff of a…

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