… but too long to label someone as such within 30 seconds of making their acquaintance.

A common theme across the Real Estate net is a gleeful willingness to drop a potential client like they’re hot if deep levels of compatibility with the affronted agent do not reveal themselves within five seconds of introduction. Talk down to me in our initial correspondence? Adios, muchacho! Dare to erect contact limitations or dictate a preferred method of communication? Bon voyage, bubba! Unilaterally impose any restrictions whatsoever upon our future relationship? Sayonara, sucka!

For a line of work that requires a teflon-coated epidermis, we Realtors can be a squishy bunch. In what other field would a business person refrain from taking on bill-paying work because the tone of an email seems mildly strident? A message from a complete stranger who is taking a leap of faith by merely initiating first contact via a spam-inviting contact form, mind you. No wonder so many in our ranks are crying the blues about the current state of the economy, as we appear slow to receive the memo that most no longer have the luxury of turning business away simply because a client lead has an annoying voice, a face reminiscent of the junior high bully, responds to painstakingly crafted emails in terse staccato bursts, or … heaven forbid, is just plain mean.

The horror … the horror …

There are, and there always will be, people I refuse to put in my car – pedophiles, overt racists/sexists/anything ‘ists. I will not tolerate personal abuse. Or Justin Bieber fans. Those rare sociopathic encounters notwithstanding, prematurely casting aside difficult personalities because I’d rather my job be stressless than profitable is not a winning formula for a career I’d like to see advance through another decade.

Business is hard if you are actually doing business. It is only easy if you are broke.

So give me your tired, your wary, your befuddled masses with whom you refuse to work because they have the audacity to treat you like the business you are, and not their best friend. I’ll sell them a house and go home to delouse.

The next five years in this business ain’t for sissies. If you think you can survive them by ignoring the tough customers, be grateful there are always job openings in La La Land.


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