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First-Time Home Buyer Credit & Short Sales Do Not Mix!

By now, even the most procrastinating of first time home buyers understands that the end is nigh.  The end of the $8000 first-time homebuyer tax credit, that is.  While rumors abound about a possible extension past the current deadline, rumors also persist that man did not actually walk on the moon in 1969 (if you…

Someone Can Always Make Me an Offer …

If there were six words I could erase from the murky bog of a seller’s mind, it would be these. Within this seemingly innocuous sentence lies a terrible sickness. A Bubonic Real Estate Plague, if you will. The black death of a home sale.

Selling Homes and Nailing Things to Trees

My wife has an affinity for collecting quotes.  Whether humorous or inspirational, on fridge magnets or flowery stationary, she likes having the visible reminders nearby as a lifeline to help pull her out of whatever malaise she may happen to find herself mired in at a given moment.  Truth be told, prone as I am…

Grinding to a Halt: The Art of Killing a Deal

Winning a negotiation is not about bullying the other party. It’s about bullying them politely.

The Feedback Fallacy

So you want some feedback on your home. Are you sure?

“It’s Only a First Home” (and other bad advice).

The oil refinery next door isn’t really all that loud if you plug your ears and scream. Sign here, please.

Short Sale Negotiation: Is There a Fox in Your Henhouse?

Short sale negotiation has become a cottage industry here in Scottsdale and the greater metro Phoenix area over the last few years. Of course, every cottage has a leaky pipe or two.

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