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Is That Scottsdale Home Really For Sale?

Can You Trust a Scottsdale Short Sale Seller?

Is that Scottsdale home really for sale? It sure looks like it is. There’s a ¬†sign in the yard, property information on the internet, an asking price and everything. The comings and goings of Real Estatey type people with wide eyed gawkers in tow confirms that the quaint Spanish hacienda is looking for a new…

“Is the Gypsy Next Door an Illegal Alien” and Other Questions Your Agent Cannot Legally Answer

Survey Says ... "Do not go there"

There are things that you, as a home buyer, want to know about a prospective new neighborhood. Are the schools top shelf? Is there shopping nearby? Do the neighbors hold a semi-annual Scott Baio look-alike contest? For the most part, your agent can help you find the answers to your questions (though determining a victor…

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