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Follow you on Facebook? Sure! Wait … why?

"Follow you where, exactly?"

I must confess, most solicitations to follow a local business on Twitter, Facebook or any other recently-sprouted head of the social media hydra are met with the same level of enthusiasm I once harbored for an extra trip to the orthodontist. Sure, I’ll “like” your fanpage! And maybe later we can head over to Dr….

What Do You Mean It’s Under Contract? The Listing Says “Active”


That is the G rated version. The working title was initially more along the lines of: “What the &^%$ Do You Mean the &^%$#&^ House Is Under &^%$^&# Contract? The &^%$#$@ Listing Says It Is &^%^&#%$ Active!” There is little more frustrating to the do-it-yourself consumer than outdated data. It’s hard enough to navigate unfamiliar…

No, That Is Not My Listing. Yes, You’ve Come to the Right Place.


A disconnect that will sometimes occur when a Scottsdale Real Estate consumer lands here on the Scottsdale Property Shop site, not all of the properties you see listed for sale here fly under the banner of Realty Executives.  Matter of fact, of the forty some thousand home listings that you can trawl in our home…

New Paradise Valley Listings

Cheney Estates in Paradise Valley, AZ

Click here to see new listings in the town of Paradise Valley. Updated Daily.

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