The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Villa La Playa

The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Villa La Playa

Villa La Playa in McCormick Ranch is a Dietz-Crane built subdivision that lies on the Southern boundary of Scottsdale’s first master planned community.  Bound by Indian Bend Rd (South), Hayden Rd (East) and the McCormick Ranch Golf Club’s Pine Course (West), this prime piece of Scottsdale Real Estate features some of the better housing values in the Ranch.  A mix of flat and pitched roofs, Dietz Crane added some intrigue to their plans, whereas many builders in this portion of the Ranch tended to lean towards the economical over the dramatic.

Whether because the homes in the South end of the Ranch tend to be a bit more affordable as a general rule, a recent preponderance of foreclosures and/or short sales, or just a temporary anomaly, I believe Villa La Playa represents an undervalued subdivision as of the time of this posting.  Given the pleasing Spanish exteriors, central location, practical floor plans and pride of ownership within the neighborhood, one might expect this golf course subdivision to routinely command a much higher price than they typically do.

Villa La Playa home in McCormick RanchThe 130 homes of Villa La Playa were built between 1977-1979 (as opposed to the early to mid ’70s construction featured predominantly in Paseo Village, directly across Hayden Rd).  All 130 homes are single-level and average approximately 2184 square feet (ranging from 1534 sq ft – 3318 sq ft).  85 (65%) of the homes include private swimming pools.  Homes in Villa La Playa were primarily built with block construction and include a sprinkling of 3 car garages amongst the 2 car standard. The subdivision is zoned R1-7 for residential lots with 7000 square foot minimums.

Villa La Playa falls within the Kiva Elementary, Mohave Middle and Saguaro High School districts.

In addition to the McCormick Ranch Pine Course (homes along the Western edge of the subdivision sport views of the course), nearby amenities include the shopping center at Indian Bend / Hayden (Crust Pizza, Albertson’s, China Lite, Goldman’s Deli, etc), the Paseo Village shopping center (Starbuck’s, LA Fitness, Lox Stock and Bagel, Walgreens, The Vig, Luci’s On the Grove, etc), The Seville Shops & Restaurants (The Cove, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Wildflower Bread Company, etc) and the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

Looking for a solid value in McCormick Ranch?  Give Villa La Playa a look.

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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Paseo Village

Paseo Village was one of the first subdivisions developed in McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale‘s first master planned community.

Fitness Stations in Comanche Park

Construction began in 1973 and continued through 1982.  Suggs was the name of the builder that would become synonymous with this neighborhood, but several others built here as well, including Camelot (Hancock).

Sitting just Northeast of the Hayden/Indian Bend intersection, the Paseo Village area is often referred to as the “South Ranch.”  Homes here are highly affordable by McCormick Ranch standards, and are notable for slump block construction.  These properties primarily feature asphalt shingle or flat roofs, but there are vaulted ceilings with tile roofs in the area, as well.

Map of Paseo Village in McCormick Ranch

Northern Portion of Paseo Village (Click Map to Zoom)

Northern Section of Paseo Village (East of Hayden Road)

In a subdivision which includes 334 improved properties, the average house size is 2011 square feet.  326 are single level, and the remaining 8 are two-stories.  209 houses feature swimming pools (63%).  Zoning is primarily R-7 and R-10, which entails residential housing with 7000 and 10,000 square foot lot minimums, respectively.

Paseo Village was one of the first subdivisions in Scottsdale to feature abundant neighborhood greenbelts and walking paths.  People are still drawn to the area today for the wonderful amenities.


Map of the Southern Portion of Paseo Village in McCormick Ranch

Southern Portion of Paseo Village (right side of thoroughfare denoted on the map).

As these properties tend to be slightly older and smaller on average than their counterparts in the Northern portion of McCormick Ranch, it is one of the Ranch’s most affordable subdivisions.  As many buyers flock to McCormick Ranch for the amenities as much, if not more, than the actual house they ultimately purchase, this neighborhood is very appealing to those on a lesser budget.  From move up buyers looking to break into McCormick Ranch, to empty nesters aiming to downsize from a larger home further north, Paseo Village appeals to a broad spectrum.  Singles, families, active adults, seasonal residents … there is a tremendous cross-section of homeowners.  And you’ll see them all while strolling the bike paths!

In the heart of the neighborhood, lies the Paseo Village Shopping Center. Breakfast favorite Lox, Stock and Bagel, Starbuck’s, The VigLA Fitness, and Luci’s On theGrove (coming soon) highlight the merchant list.  There is also a mail center, dry cleaner, Walgreens, yoga studio, gas station, shoe cobbler and several other quaint local businesses.

The neighborhood has been further revitalized by the newer upscale townhouse development, Veritas of McCormick Ranch.

LA Fitness in Paseo Village of McCormick Ranch Paseo Village Greenbelt in McCormick Ranch

The Railroad Park at McCormick Ranch Camelback Mountain behind the McCormick Ranch Golf Course

In addition to convenient access to community favorites such as The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, The McCormick Ranch Golf Club, Camelback Walk, etc, Paseo Village also boasts Comanche Park and Shoshone Park.

Paseo Village:  a great place to live, work and play!


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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Palo Viento 2

Palo Viento 2 is a McCormick Ranch subdivision long revered for its proximity to the McCormick Ranch Golf Course. It boasts a combination of production-level homes and unique custom homes. Located immediately South of the Via De Ventura and Via Linda intersection, the majority of the neighborhood was developed by Camelot Homes (later known as “Hancock”) in the late 1970s.

Like it’s sister subdivision to the North, Vista De La Tierra, models included:

McCormick Ranch Map for Palo Viento 2

Palo Viento 2 in McCormick Ranch

  • The Regal: Approx. 2004-2109 square feet, 3-4 bedrooms, flat ceilings.
  • The Monarch: Approx. 2274 square feet, 3 bedrooms (den option), flat ceilings.
  • The Windsor: Approx. 2364 square feet, 3 bedrooms, partial vaulted ceilings.
  • The Chateau: Approx. 2669 square feet, 4 bedrooms, partial vaulted ceilings.
  • The Lancelot: Approx. 2748 square feet, 4 bedrooms, partial vaulted ceilings.
  • The Embassy: Approx. 2914 square feet, 4 bedrooms, partial vaulted ceilings.

(See these models on the McCormick Ranch Floor Plan page)

In addition to these Camelot homes, there are custom built homes which line the McCormick Ranch Golf Club’s Palm Course.

In total, there are 97 improved properties in Palo Viento 2.

The average house size is 2698 square feet, with a range spanning 1882 sq ft – 4014 sq ft.

The majority of construction took place between 1977-1980. Several older properties have been virtually razed to make way for new construction. The most recently constructed property in Palo Viento 2 per the Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s Office is 2004. Several original properties are currently undergoing expansive renovation which will require new Certificate’s Of Occupancy.

95 are single level, with the remaining 2 having two stories.

90 of these properties have pools (93%).

McCormick ranch Golf Club - Palm Course

McCormick Ranch Golf Club – Palm Course 

In addition to the prestige of being a golf course subdivision, Palo Viento 2 is located just South of Lake Margherite (just Northeast of the Via De Ventura /Via Linda intersection). This subdivision is coveted for its winding streets and intimate culdesacs as well. Immediate access to the revered McCormick Ranch bike path system makes for a quick stroll around the lakes, through the golf course and to favorite local establishments such as The Melting Pot, Butters, Zipps, TCBY, The Village Roastery, and more.

Camelback Mountain behind the McCormick Ranch Golf Course

McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Directly West lies Palo Viento 1 and Paradise Valley Farms, which boasts multi-million dollar properties renowned for waterfront lots and oversized 1 acre lots respectively.

Palo Viento 2 lies in the Saguaro High School District, which includes Kiva Elementary and Mohave Middle Schools. All are rated as “excelling” in perhaps the most prestigious school district in the state, The Scottsdale Unified School District (#48).

Truly one of the jewels of McCormick Ranch, Palo Viento 2 is a great place to live for people from all walks of life. Singles, families, empty nest retirees … there is something for everyone in this amazing community.


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When Less Is More: Why Listings Agents Should NOT Attend All Showings

When Less Is More: Why Listings Agents Should NOT Attend All Showings

By now, nearly every prospective seller in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area has been inundated with the well-worn advice that it is wise to make oneself scarce during showings.  If HGTV and its fleet of “Real Estate experts” haven’t gotten to you yet, your relatives have.  Or maybe you heard it from the co-worker who maintains a Real Estate license on the chance that one hapless acquaintance per year will allow him to practice on him or her.  It is a truth so pervasive in the sphere of collective consciousness that it has reached even the outer-most fringes of the industry.  As such, it seems pointless to belabor it further here.  Suffice it to say that buyers don’t like sellers looking over their shoulders when they shop.

Shoot, I still generally decline a store clerk’s offer of assistance despite clearly having no idea which bottle of red to pair with the flank steak atop my cart’s haphazard grocery selection.  Just a knee-jerk reaction to get the salesperson out of my space.  I am perfectly capable of bungling the choice on my own, thank you very much.

Which leads to the thrust of today’s discussion of a well-traveled suburban myth:  The (presumed) advantage of listing agent attendance at all property showings.

Some agents, either out of deference to demanding sellers or as a standard business practice, require they be present at all showings.  They show up, open the door and then go in one of two directions.  They either stand aside and let the buyer’s agent handle the actual showing of the home, or they commandeer the next thirty minutes; leading buyer and cooperating agent on a room by room tour, pointing out each frivolous nuance in painstaking detail.  The buyer’s frozen smile masking (or revealing, if the blithe monologist would bother to notice the glazed over eyes) the fact that mental check-out occurred shortly after exiting the foyer.

You say there are TWO electrical outlet receptacles along this wall?  Both GFCI protected?  Get the *%&^ outta here!

There may be two schools of thought on listing agent presence at showings, but one is simply promoting the wrong curriculum.  When the listing agent inserts himself into the process, he lacks the rapport to understand which items are important to the buyer and the ability to sell the home’s strengths from a position of trust.  Further, much as if the seller were in attendance, a buyer is less comfortable exploring a stranger’s home in the company of a stand-in stranger.  The idea is to allow a buyer the breathing room to open cabinets and linen closet doors.  To stand in the family room in silence for a few minutes and decide which wall is best for the sectional.  To visualize his artwork hanging above the bed in the master, or the family gathered around the breakfast table on a lazy Sunday morning.  It doesn’t work if an interloping chatterbox squeezes the breathable air out of the house.

Thanks for the fifteen minute demonstration of the pool’s waterfall.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted the hassle of a house with a pool … now I’m sure I don’t.

Even if the agent hangs out of sight, the unnecessary presence can trigger an internal stopwatch within a buyer.  While he may not care about wasting his own agent’s time (as well he shouldn’t), the stranger factor tends to accelerate the showing.  Humans are much more apt to “put out” those with whom they are familiar than the guy off the street.  Whether borne of politeness, the discomfort of feeling watched or a hesitancy to reveal any indication of interest to a salesman, the end result is a showing that is less likely to live up to its full potential.

Is the other agent still in the living room?  I wouldn’t mind calling my wife to have her come see the house, but don’t want to keep him from other appointments …

Showing quality aside, the other big knock on mandatory appointments with the listing agent is showing quantity.  The anticipated control and added security over the showing comes at the steep price of deterrence.  Not only do properties that are more difficult to access get thrown to the bottom of the stack by many agents (if an agent is paring 10 potential properties down to 4 to show a buyer, guess which ones get the axe first?), but listing agents are not always available to show the home when it is convenient to the buyer.  The ease of access issues with such properties can prove insurmountable.  Say a relocating buyer is in town for the day, but your agent is unreachable or booked through tomorrow.  You just lost your shot at that buyer.  With the number of properties from which to choose currently, the very last thing you want to do is erect needless hurdles.

As to the safety issue, the integrity of your home’s security is always an issue when you open the doors to the general public.  That said, with the state of the art electronic lockboxes that are utilized these days (please tell me your agent is willing to pony up the $80 per box cost), a record is kept of all agents who access the premises with clients.  Each agent has an individual keypad with a unique code.  Every time the key is accessed, that code is stored and available to the listing agent.  Further, agent keypads crash unless they are updated every 24 hours.  Thus, the threat of the missing or stolen keypad is not the cause for panic that it once was.  Put the valuables away for safe keeping, but one licensed professional per showing provides adequate protection without diminishing the quality of the showing, or precluding it outright.

In our experience, the most advantageous means of ensuring high-quality and high-quantity showings is to dial phasers back to “stun” and stay the heck out of the way.  Market the property to the nines, accompany unrepresented buyers on tours of the home, but don’t micro-manage the sales force.  Draping oneself over a potentially hot showing like a wet sales blanket may appease a needy seller, but it does not serve the interest of the actual goal:  selling the house.


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