Hire Me, I Spent 50K to Dominate Irrelevant Keyword Searches!

“List with me because I dominate page 1 of Google for Scottsdale Real Estate, as well as Neighborhoods X, Y and Z!”

A familiar refrain.

Firmly entrenched in the Internet Age of Real Estate marketing, it would be reasonable for a consumer to expect his chosen agent to propagate every nook and cranny of the online world with the homes he has listed for sale. Actually, it should be a pre-requisite. If your home is not readily found by web surfing consumers, you might as well pull the sign from the yard and go stew in the cone of silence for the next six months. You may eventually find a suitor the old fashioned way, but demand falls off the map if your home does not frequent the same haunts as the consuming public. In other words, best case scenario is to expect a lower sales price and longer stint on the market if you are invisible to the online home shopper.

Your listing should appear on the major power player sites, such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, etc.  Your home should be visible on every competitor’s site via IDX listing (brokers have the ability to opt in or out of the IDX agreement, thus can choose whether to keep company listings close to the vest or allow their properties to be displayed in the search results on competing home search sites).  Your home should be marketed with scores of high quality digital pictures and/or virtual tours to stand out from the din.

What is not necessarily a “must” however is that your chosen listing agent dominate the first ten spots of Google for major home search terms.  Sacrilege, I know.

As one who partakes in the daily struggle for online supremacy, why would I acknowledge such a thing?  Because it simply doesn’t hold water to argue that I am all of that and a bag of Real Estate chips by my positioning at the top of the search engines for select key words.  It certainly helps me cultivate leads, but whether your ultimate buyer finds your home on my site or a competitor’s is of little consequence to you.  As long as the buyer finds you, who cares if your agent stands to double dip the commission or has to co-broke with a buyer’s agent?

Though I aspire to gain keyword dominance for a few juicy sequences that I covet, and guard those I have already conquered with a zeal seldom seen this side of the Spanish Inquisition, do not misinterpret search engine dominance for the be all and end all of internet marketing.  It is merely one arm of the octopus.  The one that gloms onto wayward buyers for the agent’s new business generation at that.

To a certain extent, a well-ranked website is the modern incarnation of the open house.  The odds of the buyer walking into my domain on a broad Scottsdale Real Estate keyword search and fitting your property are just as long as with its old school predecessor.  It’s great when it happens, but if website placement comprises the entirety of an online marketing campaign … good luck, Chuck.  Google placement is a valuable assistant to a productive agent, but it is not a home selling panacea.

While I may rank higher than some of my competitors, and lower than a few others, they all benefit my clients.  As each listing I take is displayed on all major search engine across the web, my properties are splashed across virtually every website that pertain to Scottsdale Real Estate.

In that regard, I guess you could say that my listings dominate the first 50 pages of Google. And really, my lead generation aspirations aside, what else matters?

How are you supposed to differentiate between prospective agents if website ranking is less important than you were led to believe? Assuming your candidates are equally adept at proliferating their listings across the web (a big assumption), you separate the wheat from the chaff the old fashioned way: knowledge, ability and experience. There are no shortcuts to the head of that line, whiz bang website or no.

And now, to reap the SEO benefits that will vault me to the top of the rankings, but do little to improve my ability to sell your home, I repeat today’s keyword phrase: Scottsdale Real Estate.

Page 1, here we come!


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