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The blog as a Real Estate tool has been nothing short of revolutionary. Seemingly overnight, a million and two agents turned to their keyboards to flog consumers and search engine spiders with news from the front lines and advertise their wares. As the popularity of the blog as a marketing device skyrocketed, so too did the number of eyes scouring the medium for the latest market stats, home buying & selling tips, and community information. While there was a time when I was reluctant to believe that anyone would be much interested in the disjointed literary meanderings of a garden variety Realtor, it is evident that our readership at the Scottsdale Property Shop has become large and varied enough to warrant moving beyond the one size fits all content subscription offering.

For the six minutes that the professional blogging medium has existed, debate has raged as to what constitutes suitable blog content. Some eschew the inclusion of listings and dry market stats from the blog roll as it is not the most captivating copy. Others throw everything but the kitchen sink into the blog roll. After all, we’re here to advertise ourselves and our properties, yes? The fundamental failing from my vantage point does not involve what material is worthy of blog inclusion (I ascribe to the notion that there is a place for everything), but rather the lack of cohesion. Sure we sort things by topic and the like for our site visitors/readers, but what of our valued subscribers who are inundated with everything under the sun when their interests are often highly specific?

You should be able to subscribe to that which pertains to your interests directly without having to sign on for every single piece of content posted.

Home buyers don’t want to read “5 Tips For Selling Your Scottsdale Home During the Holidays.”

Home sellers don’t want to read “How Negotiate the Lowest Price on Your Next Scottsdale Home Purchase.”

Admitting the gaping chasm that stands between what a subscriber is bombarded with, and what he/she actually wants to receive in his/her inbox or reader, The Scottsdale Property Shop has moved to bridge the divide.

From now on, you, our reader, will have the option of subscribing to the content category of your choice. At the time of this posting, we are offering subscriptions to posts in the following categories:

  • For Buyers – Subscribe to this category to receive only that content which involves purchasing a home in the greater Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Community info, buying advice, investment strategy, financing information, etc is all fodder for this category.
  • For Sellers – Subscribe to this category to receive only that content which directly relates to selling your Scottsdale/Phoenix area home. Selling tips, market reports, etc fall under this category.
  • Creative Writing – I am a writer at heart. Some who follow me may not be the least bit interested in buying or selling a home in the Scottsdale area in the immediate future. Subscribe to this category if you are looking for a good read (or what passes for one around here) instead of 3rd quarter market stats. Humor, fiction … definitely not the local weather report.
  • All topics – Fear not, you still have the option to subscribe to all blog content if you hang on every furloughed word that escapes this keyboard. Subscribe to this catchall category if you want it all: market reports, community spotlights, home buyer advice, home seller tips, new listings, creative writing, DVR programming instructions, smoked humpback whale recipes, things to do when trapped in a Chilean mine without an internet connection … the works.

Where do you subscribe?

Same place as before, right in the sidebar. You’ll simply notice that additional options exist where before there was only a prompt to “Subscribe to Blog.” You can also click the category links above to subscribe to the feed of your choosing.

If you just want to see houses, you can simply register to receive new listing alerts, or subscribe to any one of our live zip code feeds to have the latest homes for sale sent straight to your reader. You’ll find these options in the HOME SEARCH tab of the navigation bar.

We look to eventually subdivide (how Real Estatey of us) the categories further, but for now, we’ve got the basics covered.

Any thoughts? We welcome all comments and input that would help improve your Scottsdale Property Shop experience. If we fail to implement any suggestions, however, please note that some ideas suck more than others.




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