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The 12 Steps of Real Estate Recovery

You have a problem.  Your family sees it.  Your friends see it.  At the eye of the storm, only you lack the perspective to clearly recognize the wake of wanton destruction spawned by your vice.  Despite your feeble protestations to the contrary, you need help.  Your addiction does not end with you.  It touches the…

I Had a Choice … And I Made It.

Picture a bowl of primordial soup.  No, really picture it.  What does it look like?  I see a gelatinous, gray gumbo of sorts.  The contents within completely impervious to the light of the sun underneath an opaque, spoon-devouring outer layer.  I don’t need to make out the individual invertebrates that I sense roiling about the…

Selling Homes and Nailing Things to Trees

My wife has an affinity for collecting quotes.  Whether humorous or inspirational, on fridge magnets or flowery stationary, she likes having the visible reminders nearby as a lifeline to help pull her out of whatever malaise she may happen to find herself mired in at a given moment.  Truth be told, prone as I am…

Grinding to a Halt: The Art of Killing a Deal

Winning a negotiation is not about bullying the other party. It’s about bullying them politely.

I Am A Realtor. The Fate of the Planet Is In My Hands.

The fate of the entire planet rests in your hands. Hire a Realtor!

Chemotherapy for the Capitalistic Soul

Nobody likes taking their medicine, but it is often a necessary evil. Let’s hope the financial doctors are writing the right scripts.

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