The Case of Paul Slaybaugh and His Accidental Relocation Team

The Case of Paul Slaybaugh and His Accidental Relocation Team

It will come as no ground-shaking revelation that I want your business when you buy or sell a home in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or the greater Phoenix area.  It’s what I do, and I solicit that business, sometimes subtly, sometimes beat-you-over-the-head-with-my-resume overtly, within the confines of this blog on a daily basis.  While there is little mystery in the primary services I offer to local consumers (“buyer’s agent,” “listing agent” and “headache sherpa” are all acceptable guesses), there is another aspect to this diligent Realtor’s usefulness that is sometimes overlooked: the quality referral.

Sure, consumers think to seek the names of local contractors and professionals from their respective agents, but what of the out of area service providers?  Whether the client is relocating or seeking assistance for a friend or family member in another location, they often take to the internet or phone book to find assistance.  Little do many know that the very best resource for an out of area referral is none other than their own local agent.

In years past, we agents were often very brand loyal in the placement of our referrals.  Whether due to a conscious effort to keep things “in-house,” a matter of convenience, or a case of hoping the same corporate shingle would translate to a similar work ethic/methodology, we were limited by available resources.  These days, however, the explosion of Real Estate driven websites, blogging platforms and social media has helped connect forward-thinking agents in unprecedented fashion.  Through said arenas, we are able to far surpass the dark age reliance on blind selection from an incomplete list or static resume.  In the vibrant, transparent Web 2.0 world, true professionalism and terrifying idiocy are both quick to reveal themselves.  Through years of interaction with agents across these forums, I have cobbled together a relocation team by happenstance.  No longer do I have to cross my fingers when making a referral to another agent, as I have trusted professionals in countless nooks and crannies throughout the country.

Going back to Cali and need an agent to help you discover Topanga Canyon?  I’ve got you covered.

Topanga a little spendy for your budget?  Perhaps this Ventura County Realtor can find something more your speed.

Is the Pacific Northwest calling your name (or tapping it out via Morse raindrop code, as it were)?  You will be in good hands with the best Salem, Oregon Real Estate agent (and part-time Paul tormentor) that I know.

From the stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas to the West Bank of New Orleans, my network is comprised of not only outstanding agents, but truly exceptional people.

Do your folks back East want to join you here in Scottsdale?  I don’t blame them.  Make sure they speak to this Colts Neck, New Jersey Real Estate agent.  Whatever he tells them about me is a lie.

And your cousin needs an agent in Pennsylvania?  Tell this West Chester, PA Realtor that Dimples says hello.

Tired of the rat race of the lower 48 and eager to get your Jack London on?  Give my best to the Spouses Selling Houses in Fairbanks, Alaska when they find you the ideal wilderness retreat.

The online Real Estate community continues to prove a boon for consumers and agents alike.  While information is readily available for most any need, information alone cannot supplant the first-hand experience gained through established relationships.  Take advantage of the unexpected connections your chosen representative has forged during the growth of his/her online presence.  If I don’t personally know an agent in a particular market, you can rest assured that a member of my relocation network will.  Six degrees of Real Estate separation?  Hardly.  At most, I’ll require two.

Oh, and I also know to whom I wouldn’t send a client for all the consonants in Poland.  Consult your Realtor if for no other purpose than to ensure that no Gorgons make an appearance on the short list of candidates.

My reputation is on the line when I trust another agent with my clients’ business.  It is a responsibility I take seriously.  No matter where your Real Estate need arises, contact me before going it alone.  Chances are I am exactly one phone call away from ensuring that you or your loved one enjoy the Real Estate experience you deserve.  It’s the next best thing to packing up your agent and taking him with you.

Of course, if you are moving to Bora Bora, I’m willing to commute.


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