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The Farm at South Mountain (Phoenix, AZ)

One of the great things about the Phoenix metropolitan area is the abundance of unique weekend destinations for both food and fun. While I love all that my home city of Scottsdale has to offer during the week, I like to load the family into the car on the weekend and visit one of the…

Can You Afford That Bank-Owned Bargain?

There really are some amazing deals floating around the market right now, just make sure you can afford them.

New Phoenix Listings

New listings for Scottsdale homes!

New Real Estate listings in Phoenix! Click here to see the latest homes to hit the market in Phoenix. Updated Daily.

Selling Your Home in a Down Market

You’ve been married so long that you’ve forgotten how to be single.  Your t-shirts all have holes in them, you don’t shave on the weekends, and you haven’t consumed a “Diet” anything in years. While your spouse may love you despite the fact that you have completely let yourself go, you are in for a…

The Phoenix Mountain Preserve

phoenix mountain preserves

As part of my continuing series of things to do in and around Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, Arizona, today’s edition is devoted to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. As the Valley has been beset by rapid expansion and development, political forces have been at odds over the preservation of our native land.  Victories for conservationists have…

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