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Follow you on Facebook? Sure! Wait … why?

"Follow you where, exactly?"

I must confess, most solicitations to follow a local business on Twitter, Facebook or any other recently-sprouted head of the social media hydra are met with the same level of enthusiasm I once harbored for an extra trip to the orthodontist. Sure, I’ll “like” your fanpage! And maybe later we can head over to Dr….

Real Estate Agent or Social Media Icon? Choose Wisely When Selling Your Scottsdale Home.

Social Media Prophet

The collection of hats in a Scottsdale Real Estate listing agent’s closet grows at an exponential rate.  We alternately don the garb of property evaluator, pitchman, marketing pro, receptionist / showing coordinator, contract prep specialist, home inspection consultant, appraisal jouster, loan oversight committee (of one), repair foreman, closing editor, schedule contortionist, marriage counselor, dime store…

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