The Realty Executives Re-Launch: A Shot Across the Bow of Scottsdale Real Estate Brokerages

Ordinarily, we here at the Scottsdale Property Shop are not overly concerned with the machinations at play within our brokerage. Perhaps an odd disconnect given that Realty Executives has dominated the top spot in market share for virtually every measurable category in Scottsdale (and Arizona at large) since 1974, but it is a crutch to lean on your company name too much in a field of independent contractors. Broker support, institutional marketing and the like are vital to the sale of real property, but the job largely comes down to the salesperson entrusted to do the work. Frankly, if we are to toot any horns, we’d rather tout our own abilities (green agents tend to prop themselves up by company affiliation while more experience veterans tend to promote their own skill sets).

We are breaking from that customary recalcitrance to share some pretty big news about what’s going on downtown. My colleague, and Tempe Real Estate wunderkind, Nick Bastian, shares the unveiling of a project that has been months in the making behind the technological scenes. With a host of company websites that had been a sore spot amongst the more tech savvy agents in the brokerage, Realty Executives did not turn a blind eye to the issue. While upstart brokerages have clung to a technological advantage over our leviathan in an effort to gain market share, the full resources of Realty Executives have finally been brought to bear in this arena with today’s re-launching of

How does this benefit you, our clients? In essence, it will dramatically improve our ability to drive traffic to this already heavily trafficked site. More clicks, more eyes, more buyers looking at your home listings … more of everything you have come to expect from us.

If I sound jazzed, that’s because I am. ¬†Kudos to our proud brand for recognizing this prior weakness and turning it into a standard bearer for the Scottsdale Real Estate market.

Read more about the dramatic redesign of Realty Executives’ online presence at Nick’s Tempe Real Estate blog.


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