Winter In July At the Phoenix Zoo – Sat, 7/17

No plans for the upcoming weekend other than consciously staving off spontaneous combustion from the privacy of your own air conditioned home?  You might want to check out the “Winter In July” event taking place this Saturday (7/17) morning at the Phoenix Zoo.  Between the hours of 7 – 11 AM, the zoo will do its darnedest to make you forget that it’s hotter than molten lava sunscreen by importing 25 tons of man-made snow for kids (and the young at heart) to play in, and an additional 35 tons for the animals.  Observe special feedings around various cold concoctions for the big cats (follow the link below for specific times).  Watch the elephant get a hose-down courtesy of the Tolleson Fire Department.  Witness with morbid fascination as marmots are cryogenically frozen and sold at the concession stand as otter pops (I kid, I kid.  Don’t call PETA).  A slip-n-slide will be in full swing, along with the splash pad and water cavern play areas.

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Sweat your way through another Saturday if you like, but that’s on you, bub.

For additional information, schedule of events, directions and more, visit the Phoenix Zoo online.

Hope to see you there.  I’ll be the guy throwing snowballs at the Komodo dragon while my kids gleefully club each other unconscious with giraffe-shaped icicles.  Good times.


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