(Scottsdale, AZ) – Coke versus Pepsi. Republicans versus Democrats. Ginger versus Mary Ann.

You can throw the Real Estate recovery onto the list of great American debates.

According to recent polling* of consumer confidence by the Fallacy-Inclined Bureau of Statistics (FIBS), 59% of Americans believe that now is a “very good” time to buy a home. This represents the highest such percentage since 2006. On the other hand, 74% of Americans “strongly believe” that failure by Congress to raise the debt ceiling prior to August 2nd will derail the economic recovery and doom housing to the third ring of hell for all eternity.

Taken together, sampling indicates that consumer confidence in the Real Estate market is improving, but remains tenuous at best. While 52% of those polled “somewhat believe” that Real Estate values are likely to have bottomed out, 43% “somewhat strongly believe” a double dip in housing values is imminent due to inflation, stagflation, conflagration, alien invasion, Tina Yothers, tofu, Justin Bieber, Bigfoot, zombies or some combination of all.

97% “strongly believe” that the US is still within a hummingbird’s fart of The Great Depression.

For the 28th consecutive year, Admiral Ackbar believes “it’s a trap.”

Filed by Paul Slaybaugh, Disassociative Press.

*Phone survey of twenty voting-eligible US citizens who self-identify as Josiah “Jed” Bartlet supporters conducted between 1pm and 1:15pm PST on 4/20/11.

Margin of error: +/- 100%


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