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Standard Bank Addendum

Standard Addendum to Purchase Contract Purchase Agreement for a First Bank of Asbestos (henceforth referred to as “Seller”) property is non-binding unless this addendum has been attached and fully executed by all parties. In the event of a dispute between the language of the Purchase Agreement (or subsequent addenda) and this addendum, the terms of…

2010: The Year of the Niche in Scottsdale Real Estate

2010 is the Year of the Niche. It’s true, feel free to consult the Chinese calendar to verify.  Scottsdale Real Estate practitioners, in self-defense, have turned to new and interesting means of keeping their businesses relevant in these inexplicable times.  Today’s homework assignment for a Real Estate adventurer?  Finding a profitable, niche specialty.  Thus, the…

Losing Buyers to the Banks? Time to Work On Your Bolo Punch.

You’ve been punched.  You’ve been cajoled.  You’ve been dismissed out of hand as a serious contender.  Your corner wants to throw in the towel, but it’s time to look deep inside yourself for that fighting spirit.  This is your Rocky moment, and I’m your Mick. Tempting as it may be to utter “No mas,” in…

Your Appraisal Is Wrong

Think an appraiser is the definitive word on your home’s value? Wrong. It’s your buyer … and he thinks your price is too high.

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