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“Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?” – Scottsdale Real Estate FAQ


You have Scottsdale Real Estate questions. We have answers. Q: Is now a good time to buy a house in Scottsdale? A: Forgive me for answering a question with a question. Do you need a house? The best time to buy a house is when you need one. Conditions are advantageous for buyers who can…

You’ve Been Lied To: The Scottsdale Real Estate Market Does Not Favor Buyers

The current Scottsdale Real Estate market does not favor buyers.  I repeat, the current Scottsdale Real Estate market does not favor buyers. Allow me to explain.  For months, if not years, you have been told that the glut of housing inventory here in the greater Phoenix area makes for a buyer’s market of epic proportions….

Why Is This Scottsdale Home So Cheap?

Cheap Scottsdale Houses

“What’s the deal with this house?  Why so cheap?” I field some derivation of this inquiry on a fairly routine basis from buyer clients. Typically, they have stumbled across a property listing online, or possibly in the ARMLS portal I have set up for them (provides for user log in and review of all homes…

An Equitable Life-Line? What an Improving Rental Market Means to Scottsdale Real Estate Combatants

Emergency Real Estate Flotation Device

Among the interesting turnabouts that abound in the Scottsdale Real Estate market as of late, the rental market has demonstrated surprising new strength.  Where there was formerly a preponderance of housing options for prospective tenants over the last couple of years, what with all the struggling homeowners out there eager to find someone else to…

Real Estate Agent or Social Media Icon? Choose Wisely When Selling Your Scottsdale Home.

Social Media Prophet

The collection of hats in a Scottsdale Real Estate listing agent’s closet grows at an exponential rate.  We alternately don the garb of property evaluator, pitchman, marketing pro, receptionist / showing coordinator, contract prep specialist, home inspection consultant, appraisal jouster, loan oversight committee (of one), repair foreman, closing editor, schedule contortionist, marriage counselor, dime store…

Scottsdale, AZ Relocation Guide

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

No matter the state of the national economy, political climate, or the price of beans in Uganda, Scottsdale, Arizona remains a coveted relocation address. Official population estimates put our grown-up resort town at 237,000+ residents and climbing (as of 2015).  For those of you keeping score back in Delaware, that’s a 10% increase from the…

1988 Called. It Wants Its Sign Riders Back.

not selling houses the old fashioned way

There is nothing the Real Estate industry loves more than a good cliche.  The more hackneyed the slogan, the more likely we are to roll it into our marketing campaigns.  Take the expressions which appear on an old industry stalwart, the sign rider, with frightening regularity.  Intended to separate a listed house from the herd,…

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