8070 E Via Bonita: Exceptional McCormick Ranch Home for Sale

8070 E Via Bonita - Street View



What do you get when you cross location with luxury? Timeless architecture with the latest cosmetics?

In the Scottsdale Real Estate world, you get a magnificently renovated McCormick Ranch home.


Boasting well over 3000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, bonus/game room and a pebble-tec pool, this is not your father’s McCormick Ranch.

Accustomed to step ups and step downs, low popcorn ceilings and other harbingers of bygone style? This expanded Camelot beauty will forever alter your impressions of the true potential housed within one of Scottsdale’s most sought-after communities.

In addition to the added bonus room, alterations since 2002 include a relocated front entry and expanded living / dining room, front courtyard with built-in water feature, smooth stucco exterior, dual pane windows, plantation shutters, surround sound, propane gas fireplaces added to living room and master (in addition to existing wood-buring fireplace in family room), stone (natural travertine and slate) and ceramic tile flooring, kitchen remodeled with granite counter tops & newer appliances and opened to family room, walk-in pantry added off breakfast nook, walk-in closet added to master bedroom (in addition to existing closet), master bath remodeled with travertine, pavers, built-in BBQ and fountain added in back yard, newer roof and A/Cs … this is most assuredly not the home that time forgot!

Value priced for the current market at $569,000

Not familiar with McCormick Ranch? You are in for a treat.

Featuring walking paths (Camelback Walk) that extend throughout the community and beyond, an unparalleled lake system, two 18 hole golf courses, restaurants, boutique shops, award winning schools, parks, greenbelts and more, McCormick Ranch is not only the first planned community in the Valley, but the one which all others aspire to be.

Learn more about the Palo Viento subdivision in McCormick Ranch.



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8401 N 86th Way: New McCormick Ranch Listing!

8401 N 86th Way: New McCormick Ranch Listing!


According to Wikipedia, an anomaly is any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. It can also mean a discrepancy or deviation from an established rule, trend, or pattern.

According to Ray & Paul, an anomaly is a home in McCormick Ranch with a 3 car garage. Or by alternative definition, a competitively priced home in 2011 that is NOT a short sale or foreclosure.

We just happen to have listed in our hot little portfolio a property that bucks several norms.

While many Scottsdale home buyers will grudgingly accept dated architecture as a trade off for the prime location of McCormick Ranch, we are proud to present a home in the prestigious Rancho Suggs McCormick subdivision that renders such need for compromise unnecessary.

View larger map
Map of the Rancho Suggs McCormick subdivision of McCormick Ranch
Learn more about Suggs Rancho McCormick 

Boasting soaring vaulted ceilings, remodeled interior and exterior features and a unique floor plan (walk through a few homes in the area and you’ll understand how notable that truly is), the property at 8401 N 86th Way pairs the advantages of modern living with timeless community amenities.

Know what else you get with this updated home that you will not find in the newer developments up north? Try a 1/3 of an acre cul-de-sac lot (nearly 15,000 square feet). With two oversized lawn areas buttressing the swimming pool & spa, the back yard alone is worth the scant price of admission.

Property Features

4 Bedrooms | 2 Baths |2867 sq ft | 1/3 acre lot | Pool | Heated Spa | Culdesac | Granite Counter Tops| Stainless Steel Appliances | Porcelain & Travertine Tile | Vaulted Ceilings |2 Way Fireplace | Wet Bar | Remodeled Baths | 3 Car Garage | Plantation Shutters |Covered Patio | Smooth Stucco Exterior | Newer Roof & A/C | North / South Exposure | Chaparral High School District| Family Room | Huge Master Suite | Lake Community | Golf Community | Walking Paths | Neighborhood Parks

Offered for sale at the sublimely low price of $495,900

Still not sold? Why don’t you stretch your legs a bit on Camelback Walk, the multi-use trail system that extends throughout McCormick Ranch, as you think it over. Head west to stroll past Lake Margherite and the golf course(s) beyond. Head east to check out Cochise Elementary, Mountain View Park, Mustang Library … shoot you can walk / bike / crawl to the hospital (Shea North) at 90th St should this once in a lifetime opportunity have you feeling faint.

Sunset on Lake Margherite

Did we mention this is not a short sale or a foreclosure? The price will just make you think it’s a distressed property, when in reality it is an impeccable property owned by real live humans. You know, people who can actually answer questions and respond to offers before the end of the calendar year and stuff.

As anomalies go, this wonderful home is a close second to the Sonoran Desert Emperor Penguin.

Don’t let this rare bird go.

Contact us to schedule a viewing today.

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Q & A: Home Buying in 85258

I want to buy a home that is for sale in McCormick Ranch for $495,000. I've heard I can get a better deal if I don't use an agent, is this true? Also, what is the normal amount to take off the list price for an offer? Need help, please! 
-Jean, Home Buyer in Scottsdale, AZ

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:37 - Property in 85258
27 answers


First Answer


-Tommy Gunn, Real Estate Agent in Sacramento, CA

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:37


Hi Jean!!!

First of all, welcome to Scottsdale! McCormick Ranch is a wonderful community with amazing amenities. I should know, I’ve specialized in the area for the past 17 years!!! Should you need any help drafting on offer for this property, I’d be more than happy to help! On average, my clients pay 5.8% less on their purchases than my competitors’ clients do! Visit my website to learn how this is possible!!!!

-Dani Danderson, Real Estate Agent in Casa Grande, AZ

Web Reference: http://WWW.HIREME.PLEASE
Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:38


Congratulations on your decision to buy a house, Jean. I am a mortgage broker in Pensacola, Florida who has seen firsthand just how advantageous homeownership can be for my clients. If you would like the name of a local Real Estate specialist, I’d be more than happy to refer you to one of my referral partners in the area. Also, I am licensed to broker mortgages in all fifty states, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico and parts of the Ivory Coast. Visit my site today to find out what financing option is right for you!

– Geoff Belanger, Mortgage Broker in NYC

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:41


Nice that all of these out of area professionals are offering advice for questions that aren’t even in the same state. Can we somehow make it so you can’t answer a question unless it’s in your actual market? Oh, and Tommy? Grow up.

– Edward Alverez, Real Estate Agent in Aspen, CO

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:43


Hi Jean, unlike my colleague from Casa Grande, I actually live and work this area. I just checked the MLS, and there aren’t any current active listings priced at $495k in McCormick Ranch. Are you sure the house isn’t already under contract?

– Amanda Hahn, Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:47


Oops, forgot my web address. Remember, I can lend throughout the Western hemisphere and the southeastern quadrant of New Delhi.

– Geoff Belanger, Mortgage Broker in NYC

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:48


Make me

Tommy Gunn, Real Estate Agent in Sacramento, CA

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:52


Hi Jean. McCormick Ranch Real Estate is good. You should do good with purchasing one McCormick Ranch Real Estate. I can help also in all markets too. Good luck!

– Peggy Summerbottom, Real Estate Agent in Phoenix, AZ

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:53


Realtors are crooks and scumbags. Get a real job loosers!

– B Real, Home Seller in Eugene, OR

Sat Feb 6 2010, 11:59


Jean, the idea that you can somehow get a better deal on a house if you don’t have your own Realtor has been around awhile, and it is a myth. Some seem to think that the listing agent will be willing to shave a percent or two off the total commission if the buyer is unrepresented, but no non-knuckle-dragging homo sapien will take on the added work and risk of handling both sides of the transaction for the same compensation he or she would get if another agent were involved. Besides, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face by looking at that small pile of money instead of the big picture. The listing agent represents the seller and is charged with squeezing the highest price out of you as possible. A good buyer’s agent will save you countless dollars on a purchase, and untold heartache. Find a professional you trust and lean on his/her knowledge and experience to ensure you not only get the home for the lowest price possible, but that you isolate the right candidate to begin with. I’m not trying to solicit your business, just seen too many well-intentioned but misinformed people get burned by minsconceptions. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

– Andy Tomson, Real Estate Agent in Chandler, AZ

Sat Feb 3 2010, 12:03


Oh, and the whole percentage off list price thing is a red herring, too. There is no magic amount to offer off list price from one property to the next as all list prices are not created equal. Study the comps to determine market value, and base your offer accordingly.

– Andy Tomson, Real Estate Agent in Chandler, AZ

Sat Feb 3 2010, 12:04


Best Answer

Yes, go straight to the listing agent and offer 50% of list price. It’s a buyer’s market.

– Johnny Carwash, Chief Shammy Technician in Pamona, CA

Sat Feb 3 2010, 12:12


Sexy Russian Girls!!!

Click here for a list of naughty Siberian Hussies in your town!

– XXXXX, Guest in Other

Sat Feb 6 2010, 12:24


My God, I am surrounded by imbeciles. I have specialized in McCormick Ranch for the past twenty two years and have never heard of any of these so-called “experts” before. I’d check your pockets after meeting with any of these shylocks.  If you want to talk to somebody who actually knows what the hell they’re talking about, give me a call.

– Gregory Mallard

Web Reference: You’ll look it up if you are really serious

Sat Feb 6 2010, 12:48


Why would you buy a house in this market the prices are going to drop another 40 percent you dummy realitors will tell you anything to buy they don’t get paid unless you buy use your head guy jeez.

– Realistic, Home Buyer in Maricopa County

Sat Feb 6 2010, 14:37


That is soooooo exciiiiiiiiiting! I live in McCormick Ranch and I looooooooooooooooooooove it!!!! I’m still on shift at the salon (we’ve got wifi – hee hee!), but I do Real Estate on the weekends too! Give me a call when I get off work tonight and I can tell you about all the benefits of working with a professional Real Estate agent! Think of me as two for one. I’ll save you thousands on your home and make your hair look FABO for FREE!!!!!!!

– Dede Beans, Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

Sat Feb 6 2010, 15:56


Why not move to Milwaukee instead?

– Mason Pilsner, Real Estate Agent in Milwaukee, WI

Sat Feb 6 2010, 18:17


Thank you everyone, but I found out that the house sold back in May. Stupid websites. I’ll post again when I find another house. Think I might actually start looking in Gilbert. They have lake communities down there that are way cheaper. Thanks again for all of your input.

– Jean, Home Buyer in Scottsdale, AZ

Sun Feb 7 2010, 9:49


According to the community website:
“McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona was the first master planned community in Scottsdale, Arizona. Incorporated in 1972, it is famous for its lake system, greenbelts, walking paths and neighborhood parks. Home to the top rated schools in the state, McCormick Ranch has grown to over 20,000 residents. Residents earn an average annual income of $87,000, and the majority have college educations. The McCormick Stillman Railroad Park is home to many community events such as Railfair and the Summer Concert Series.”
Hope this helps!

– Benson MacDougle, Real Estate Agent in Lake Tahoe, NV

Sun Feb 7 2010, 19:51

I know many exceptional Real Estate agents all across the country. I would be happy to provide you with a referral to a local specialist from my network.

Cliff Basehead, Leads R Us in Topeka, KS

Web Reference: HTTP://StuckInTheMiddleWithYou.Com
Wed Feb 10 2010, 6:14


R U still looking?

– Dani Danderson, Real Estate Agent in Casa Grande, AZ

Web Reference: HTTP://HireMe.Please
Fri Apr 16 2010, 17:38


Does anyone know how to turn off the comment notifications on this thing?

– Jean, Home Buyer in Albuquerque, NM

Fri Apr 16 2010, 20:51


McCormick Ranch is great! I’ve been selling here since 1999. Give me a call if I can show you around or answer any questions about the community that you may have!

– Rip Van Winkle, Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

Web Reference: HTTP://McCormickRanchHome.com
Wed Feb 2 2011, 10:04


Realtors suck

– Jaded, Home Buyer in Fairbanks, AK

Thu Mar 17 2011, 13:13


Anybody seen the new Transformers movie yet? Is it any good?

Darryl, Home Seller in Little Rock, AK

Thu Mar 17 2011, 13:59


Seriously, how do I turn off notifications?

– Jean, Home Buyer in Salem, OR

Fri Mar 18 2011, 7:42



– Geoff Belanger, Mortgage Broker in NYC / Tripoli

Mon Oct 31 2011, 0:01


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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Casas Dia Festivo

Casas Dia Festivo is a patio home subdivision located at the SW corner of Hayden and Mountain View Road in McCormick Ranch of Scottsdale, AZ.  Similar in size and character to the Santa Fe patio home community in the Southern portion of the Ranch, Casas Dia Festivo represents one of the better hybrid housing options in the Ranch’s Northern reaches.

Featuring properties that live like single-family homes (privacy, no one above or below), but with the low maintenance appeal of townhouses, Casas Dia Festivo properties are equally suited for move-up and move-down purchases.  Typically sharing a common wall at the garage (some units share two common walls) and private (but manageable) backyards, front yard and common area maintenance is provided by the HOA.  While some properties include private pools, those who enjoy the use of a pool without the maintenance headaches will appreciate the heated community pool & spa.

Community specifics:

  • 60 total patio homes
  • Built between 1981-1994
  • Homes average approximately 2000 square feet
  • 48 single-level and 12 two-story homes
  • 6 homes with private swimming pools
  • Earlier construction (1981-1984) primarily block, while newer homes primarily constructed with wood framing
  • 2 car garage standard
  • Spanish style architecture with tile roofing (primarily) and exterior stucco finish

Casas Dia Festivo falls within the Chaparral High School District (Cochise Elementary and Cocopah Middle Schools).

Homes Currently For Sale in Casas Dia Festivo

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Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

View More McCormick Ranch Subdivisions

Overview of McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale AZ

See all Homes For Sale in McCormick Ranch

The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Cuernavaca Segundo (Colonia Encantada)

The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Cuernavaca Segundo (Colonia Encantada)

Cuernavaca Segundo (known to many by its marketing name, “Colonia Encantada”) in McCormick Ranch is a guard-gated, luxury patio home community.  Developed by Geoffrey Edmunds as the sister subdivision to the original Cuernavaca subdivision (located on Scottsdale Road, just South of Indian Bend Road and the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park), Cuernavaca Segundo lies along McCormick Parkway, across from Camelback Lake, the Millennium Resort and the McCormick Ranch Golf Club.

For Scottsdale patio home buyers with a discerning eye, Cuernavaca Segundo is a good place to start and stop the search.  Out of reach for those on more modest budgets, it is a rival to Gainey Ranch for security-conscious, high end shoppers.

  • Legally classified as townhouses, Cuernavaca Segundo is comprised of 42 total properties: 16 of which are single level, and the remaining 26  2-stories.
  • Not your average townhouse / patio home community, the average size home is approximately 3026 square feet.
  • 10 properties feature private swimming pools.
  • Zoned R-4 for residential lots with 4000 square foot minimums.
  • Construction dates range from 1979-1981.
  • Block construction w/ stucco finish, tile roofing and 2 car garages are standard.
  • Kiva Elementary | Mohave Middle | Saguaro High School districts
  • HOA fees of $415 /month in addition to annual $185 McCormick Ranch PAD fee (current as of time of posting)
  • Dues include front yard & common area maintenance, manned guard gate, heated community pool & spa, community tennis court(s) and clubhouse.
View Cuernavaca Segundo home floor plans

Before you get too excited about this subdivision, know that Cuernavaca Segundo, aka Colonia Encantada, is for those with the wallet to match their discriminating tastes.  With the low end of the pricing scale still firmly entrenched in the luxury market, it is not unusual to encounter asking prices in excess of $1 million.

For those with a penchant for the lock and leave lifestyle, however, it’s tough to beat this subdivision.  With homes larger than the averages found in most single-family subdivisions throughout McCormick Ranch, privacy is as valued here as the worry-free, low maintenance lifestyle.  Central to everything worth being central to, the location is similarly unbeatable.  For my money (which admittedly would not buy me a closet in one of these beauties), it falls along one of the two prettiest stretches in all of Scottsdale.  With Camelback and Mummy Mountain views rising above the golf course and lake, it’s hard to imagine a nicer visage to serve as an escort to the daily commute.

Camelback Mountain behind the McCormick Ranch Golf Course

Nearby shopping, dining, etc is a stone’s throw in virtually every direction.  Options include the Shops at Gainey Village, the Paseo Village shopping center and Fashion Square Mall (approx. 1 mile South) among others.

Homes currently for sale in Cuernavaca Segundo


Ready to launch your McCormick Ranch Home Search?

You’ve come to the right place.

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

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