What Is a Patio Home?

What is a patio home?“Alright, alright. Mickey’s a mouse, Donald’s a duck, Pluto’s a dog. What’s Goofy?”

– Gordie, Stand By Me


Patio homes: what are they?

If you have been in Scottsdale for any period of time, or have been shopping for a home from afar, you have undoubtedly encountered the term patio home more than once.

You know what a single-family home is. You know what a condo is. You even know what a townhouse is.

But what the hell is Goofy?

The term, patio home, is not a legal descriptor. It does not describe a style of ownership. It is really more of an idea than a legal thing.

For brevity’s sake, we’ll define a patio here in accordance with prevailing wisdom. Most consider a patio home to be a cross between a townhouse and a single-family home; a hybrid, if you will. Patio homes bridge the divide between traditional housing types. You can think of a patio home like a single-family home that has been plopped onto a townhouse sized lot. That’s a gross oversimplification, of course, as patio homes come in all shapes and sizes, but this post is to serve as a handy crib sheet, not a thesis.

The idea is to provide housing with relatively low outdoor maintenance without sacrificing the size of the home itself. In other words, patio homes are tailored to those who still want the privacy and comforts of a single-family home, just not all of  the headaches and expenses that come with the standard single-family lot.

The typical patio home may be attached to a neighboring property by one or two common adjoining walls (like most townhouses), or be free-standing (like most single-family homes). Many patio homes are single level, but they can have multiple levels, too. Patio homes typically do not have neighbors above or below them, as is common with apartment style condos.

Patio home ownership varies from development to development. Some entail fee simple ownership (you own the lot in addition to the structure). Some entail condo ownership (you do not own the lot, just a fractional interest in the common area).

Responsibility for property maintenance varies as well. Some communities have very active homeowner associations that provide for front landscaping maintenance as well as select exterior structural maintenance of the homes themselves. Other patio home communities more closely reflect single-family ownership, in which homeowners are fully responsible for all maintenance associated with their properties. You need to check community CCRs to determine exactly what is and what is not covered by the HOA in a patio home development.

If you like the idea of a smaller, low-maintenance lot, but aren’t quite ready to step all the way down to a townhouse or condo, a patio home might be just the thing for you. Popular with seasonal residents as well as full-time residents who frequently travel or simply prefer a little less upkeep, patio homes exemplify the lock-and-leave lifestyle that many Scottsdale home buyers seek.

So there you go. Not so Goofy after all, is it?

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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Casas Dia Festivo

Casas Dia Festivo is a patio home subdivision located at the SW corner of Hayden and Mountain View Road in McCormick Ranch of Scottsdale, AZ.  Similar in size and character to the Santa Fe patio home community in the Southern portion of the Ranch, Casas Dia Festivo represents one of the better hybrid housing options in the Ranch’s Northern reaches.

Featuring properties that live like single-family homes (privacy, no one above or below), but with the low maintenance appeal of townhouses, Casas Dia Festivo properties are equally suited for move-up and move-down purchases.  Typically sharing a common wall at the garage (some units share two common walls) and private (but manageable) backyards, front yard and common area maintenance is provided by the HOA.  While some properties include private pools, those who enjoy the use of a pool without the maintenance headaches will appreciate the heated community pool & spa.

Community specifics:

  • 60 total patio homes
  • Built between 1981-1994
  • Homes average approximately 2000 square feet
  • 48 single-level and 12 two-story homes
  • 6 homes with private swimming pools
  • Earlier construction (1981-1984) primarily block, while newer homes primarily constructed with wood framing
  • 2 car garage standard
  • Spanish style architecture with tile roofing (primarily) and exterior stucco finish

Casas Dia Festivo falls within the Chaparral High School District (Cochise Elementary and Cocopah Middle Schools).

Homes Currently For Sale in Casas Dia Festivo

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Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Las Palomas

The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Las Palomas

Las Palomas in McCormick Ranch is a revelation for townhouse / patio home enthusiasts in central Scottsdale.   The guard gated community includes some highly coveted McCormick Ranch Real Estate, as waterfront lots can be found along the banks of Lake Margherite, Lake Angela and Lake Nino. Just West of Hayden Road off of San Lorenzo, the Dueck built community contains larger properties than most would associate with a townhouse / patio home development. The low-maintenance living, coupled with the considerable home sizes and ample amenities, makes for a popular choice across the full home buyer spectrum.

Following are the community specs for Las Palomas, one of the coveted waterfront subdivisions of McCormick Ranch.

  • 129 total homes; 98 single-level and 31 two-stories
  • 10 (8%) homes include private swimming pools
  • Average Las Palomas home size is 2568 square feet
  • Construction ranges from 1979-2000 (most homes were built in the 1980s)
  • Primarily wood frame construction
  • 2 car garage standard
  • Mix of flat and partial tile roofs
  • 24 hour manned guard gate
  • Heated community pools (2) and spa
  • Tennis courts (2)
  • Walking paths
  • HOA fee includes exterior maintenance of units, blanket insurance policy, front yard maintenance and common area maintenance
  • Lush, resort style common grounds
  • Zoned R-4 for 4000 square foot lot minimums
  • Cochise Elementary School | Cocopah Middle School | Chaparral High School Districts

Guard Gated Entrance to Las Palomas

Residents of Las Palomas have immediate access to the McCormick Ranch multi-use path system (Camelback Walk) which passes directly beyond the entrance to the neighborhood. With access to the approximately 25 miles of walking paths that stretch throughout the Ranch, there is no need for a gym membership.

A two minute stroll to the South finds a pedestrian amidst the shops and restaurants at the Mercado Del Lago and Village centers on Lake Margherite.  Notable inclusions are The Melting Pot, Royal Barge Thai Cuisine, Butters, Chipotle, Zipps Sports Bar & Grill, and The Village Roastery (coffee).  Continuing South under Via De Ventura Blvd, intrepid explorers can follow Camelback Walk along the Palm Course of the McCormick Ranch Golf Club.

Camelback Walk in McCormick Ranch Camelback Walk along Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

Heading North from the front gate of Las Palomas, residents can follow Camelback Walk underneath Hayden Rd and continue on to Cochise Elementary School, Mountain View Park, Mustang Library and Scottsdale Healthcare (Shea campus).

Residents of Las Palomas (like all McCormick Ranch residents) have boating (Lake Margherite) and fishing rights.  Permits must be obtained from the McCormick Ranch Property Owner’s Association to demonstrate residency, but are free of charge.

Ready to give up the lawn mower, but not necessarily the size and privacy of your home?  Las Palomas in McCormick Ranch just might be your ticket.

Waterfront Home in Las Palomas

Unless you have some profound aversion to lock and leave waterfront property, that is.

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Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Meridian on McCormick Ranch

Meridian on McCormick Ranch is a newer patio home community along the McCormick Parkway corridor in McCormick Ranch. While largely detached, single-family style properties, the neighborhood falls under townhouse zoning (allows for ownership of individual lots as well as indivisible interest in the common area).  Aside from conversion projects in the Northern portion of the Ranch as well as the newly completed Veritas luxury townhouse complex in the Paseo Village area (developer lost to the bank prior to selling any units, however. Stay tuned for developments with the Veritas project), Meridian constitutes, perhaps, the best option for newer patio home style construction in the Ranch.  The unique combination of newer than typical construction/architecture and low-maintenance, single-family living is largely unrivaled in McCormick Ranch.

Directly next door to the older Spanish Oaks townhouse subdivision, Meridian on McCormick Ranch is located in the immediate facility of the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, Camelback Walk (McCormick Ranch walking path system), the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center, Camelback Lake and the Millennium Resort.  Following are the notable statistics for the Evans Withycomb built community.

Camelback Mountain behind the McCormick Ranch Golf CourseMeridian on McCormick Ranch Statistics:

  • 111 total homes; 100 single-level, 11 two-story homes
  • 23 (21%) of Meridian homes feature private swimming pools
  • Homes built between 1988-1993
  • Average size home is approx 1941 square feet
  • Zoned R-4 for residential lots with 4000 square foot minimums
  • Kiva Elementary, Mohave Middle, Saguaro High School Districts
  • Primarily wood-frame construction
  • 2 car garages are standard
  • Mostly concrete tile roofing
  • Gated Community
  • Premium Golf Course lots at the Northern end of the subdivision
  • (Heated) Community Pool & Spa

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McCormick Ranch Overview

McCormick Stillman Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

The Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

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The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Santa Fe

The McCormick Ranch Subdivision Series: Santa Fe

One of the most well-known patio home communities in all of Scottsdale, Santa Fe in McCormick Ranch has come to symbolize low maintenance living in central Scottsdale.  Located just NE of the Hayden & McCormick Parkway intersection, this community of 366 homes (cumulatively between its two phases) has become a favorite amongst seasonal vacation home owners as well as with full time residents who simply prefer the lesser hassle living.  With a Western boundary that abuts the famous Camelback Walk multi-use path that stretches throughout McCormick Ranch, homes that back up to it boast gorgeous views of the McCormick Ranch Golf Club’s Palm Course.

Primarily constructed by Ballard, the original Santa Fe subdivision consisted of 125 homes.  Averaging 1979 square feet, 106 of these were single-level, with the remaining 15 two-stories.  Built in 1978 with block construction, none of these patio homes featured private swimming pools.  The subdivision includes a mix of flat and tile roofing, with 2 car garages being the norm.

Legally classified as townhomes (share common walls, ownership of the land on the individual lot as well as indivisible interest in the common areas), this phase of Santa Fe is zoned R-4R by the city of Scottsdale (Resort or residential medium density).  Lot sizes average between 4000-5000 square feet.

Santa Fe Unit 2 (2nd phase) is comprised of 241 properties.  Built between 1979-1984 (primarily by Ballard and the Santa Fe Construction Co.), 210 are single-level, with the remaining 31 two-stories.  With an average home size of 1972 square feet, 7 (3%) feature private swimming pools.  Like phase 1, homes in Santa Fe Unit 2 were primarily constructed with block, feature both tile and flat roofing, and 2 car garages.  The zoning is likewise R-4R, with 4000-5000 square foot lot averages.

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In addition to the immediate access to Camelback Walk, use of the community pools and spas, clubhouse/rec room, front yard maintenance, exterior maintenance of the units, blanket insurance policies on the structure and common area maintenance is included in the monthly fee.  There is also an annual planned community fee for McCormick Ranch.

Camelback Mountain behind the McCormick Ranch Golf Course

McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Located directly across Hayden Road from the Paseo Village shopping plaza, Santa Fe residents are within easy walking distance of breakfast favorite Lox, Stock and Bagel, Starbuck’s, LA Fitness, The Vig and other local businesses.  To the North, at the Hayden / Via De Ventura intersection, lie The Village and Mercado Del Lago centers that feature The Melting Pot (dining), Royal Barge (Thai), Zipps Sports Grill, The Village Roastery (coffee shop), and more.

Buster's on Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

Buster’s On the Lake

Following McCormick Parkway to the immediate West, residents can stroll down the most attractive street (in this agent’s humble opinion) in all of Scottsdale.  With the McCormick Ranch Golf Club’s Pine Course to the South and Palm Course on the North, pedestrians or drivers are further treated to Camelback Mountain Views beyond the lake at the Millennium Resort.  Tucked away on the North, amongst the Meridian at McCormick Ranch and Spanish Oaks communities is the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.  And, of course, who can forget about the renowned McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park as a favorite local attraction?

The Santa Fe subdivision falls within the Kiva Elementary, Mohave Middle and Saguaro High School districts.

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McCormick Stillman Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

The Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

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