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McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans

McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans

Got floor plans?



There aren’t too many extra copies of old floor plans floating around for some of the more established communities in Scottsdale.  Fortunately, we happen to have a file drawer filled with original builder plans.  Included in the mix is one of the more comprehensive collections of floor plans for McCormick Ranch homes that you will find anywhere.  Whether you are a buyer admiring McCormick Ranch from a distance or a resident looking for a plan for renovation purposes, etc, you came to the right place.

Click on model names to view floor plans (Those without model hyperlinks are still to be added) or on subdivision names to view the neighborhood synopsis.

Unfortunately, a few builder plans have walked off over the 30 years that we have maintained these files.  Have a copy of a floor plan that is not represented here?  By all means, shoot it over to us and we’ll add it to the database.

Bear in mind that several subdivisions, such as Palo Viento I, Vista Del Lago, Estados De La Mancha and Los Tesoros, in addition to pockets of Paradise Park Trails and Palo Viento II are comprised of custom homes with no readily available floor plans.

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Learn more about the McCormick Ranch Subdivisions


Camelot Homes

Subdivisions:  (Vista De La Tierra, Palo Viento II, Playa Del Sur, Estate Los Arboles, Paseo Village, Paradise Park Trails, Tierra Del Norte)

Models:  The Embassy |   The Lancelot | The ChateauThe WindsorThe MonarchThe Regal


Camelo Vista


Casa Dia Festivo



Subdivisions: (Paradise Park Trails)

Models:  The BriarcliffThe ChartercrestThe Frontera |  The Whethersfield



Subdivisions:  (Carriage Square, Villa La Playa)

Models:  The Barcelona |   The Hermosa |   The Valencia |   The Vallarte



Subdivisions:  (Tierra Feliz, Paradise Park Manor I & II)

Models:  Dix-7600Dix-7604Dix-7605Dix-7700 (Tierra Feliz)

Dix-7901Dix-7902Dix-7903Dix-7904 (Bainbridge)Dix-8001 (The Valencia) (Paradise Park Manor)


Evans Wythycombe

Subdivisions:  (Meridian at McCormick Ranch)

Models:  The ApolloThe AriesThe Bella |  The Gemini |  The Juno



Subdivisions:  (Paradise Park Trails)

Models:  The AvantiThe Casa RicaThe SierraThe TempoThe Vista


Geoffrey Edmunds

Subdivisions:  (Cuernavaca)

Models:  Casa BajaCasa Redonda |  Casa RicaCasa Santiago |  Casa Viejo


Golden Heritage

Subdivisions:  (Heritage Terrace, Heritage Village, Paradise Park Trails)

Models:  Plan 40 (Heritage Terrace, Heritage Village 1)

Plan 243Plan 253Plan 263 |  Plan 273Plan 283 (Heritage Village 2 & 3)


JA Smith

Subdivisions:  (Villa Hermosa)

Models:  Plan 1675Plan 1953Plan 2380 |  Plan 2600



Subdivisions:  (Country Horizon)

Models:  CH-100CH-200CH-300 |  CH-400 |  CH-500CH-600


Key West

Subdivisions:  (Suggs Rancho McCormick)

Models:  Casa RicaHaciendaPosada |  Posada (Alternate)


La Mariposa Villas

Models:  Plan APlan BPlan C |  Plan C (Option)


Lakeside Villas

Models:  AtwaterEdgewaterHuntington


Las Palomas


Malouf Bros

Subdivisions:  (El Paseo)

Models:  La EleganciaLa EstanciaLa Miranda |  La Torre Alta



Subdivisions:  (Villa Hermosa)

Models:  Plan OnePlan TwoPlan Three |  Plan Four


Palm Cove

Models:  Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3 |  Plan 4 |  Plan 5 |  Plan 6 |  Plan 7


Pleasant Run



Subdivisions:  (Mountain View East)

Models:  Model AModel BModel C |  Model D


Santa Fe Construction Co / Ballard

Subdivisions:  (Santa Fe)

Models:  The BarcelonaThe CoronadoThe Domingo |  The Montego




Spanish Oaks



Subdivisions:  (Paseo Village, Suggs Rancho McCormick)



Subdivisions:  (Paradise Park Trails)


The Villages


The Villages Five (Starfire)

Models:  The AuroraThe BellaThe Covington |  The Desert Star

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Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

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McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans

Desert Oasis: Your Guide to Scottsdale Waterfront Homes

Private Boat Dock on the Island at McCormick Ranch

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

Water is a precious commodity in the desert.  Dependent upon the CAP (Central Arizona Project) and SRP canal systems to fill our taps and water our lawns with the liquid gold of the Colorado and Salt Rivers, we do not squander our lifeblood frivolously … with the notable exception of Slip-N-Slide Saturdays, of course.  Given the grand total of naturally occurring lakes in the Valley of the Sun stands at exactly zero, we denizens of the creosote jungle are drawn to a droplet of water like mercury to the top of a Sonoran thermometer.  We weekend at Saguaro Lake or Lake Pleasant.  We make semi-annual pilgrimages to the sandy beaches of southern California.  We float the Salt River amongst a throng of Memorial Day humanity that is equal parts Coppertone and the AC/DC Back in Black album.  We secretly adore the rains that the summer monsoons bring.

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

Given our propensity to flock to that which is scarce, waterfront communities are highly desirable locales in the greater Scottsdale area.  There are few communities within the boundaries of the West’s purportedly Most Western Town that boast lakes on the list of amenities, and there is a reason for that.

Lake Angela

When McCormick Ranch was originally developed in the 1970s, it was to be the first master planned community in Scottsdale. Believe it or not, the Hayden and Indian Bend Rd intersection (where initial development of McCormick Ranch began) was considered North Scottsdale at the time.  There was really nothing else around.  To lure skeptical home buyers away from the downtown Scottsdale area (what we now refer to as “Old Town”), developers threw the entire kitchen sink at them:  parks, greenbelts, walking paths, golf course and lakes.  Including Lake Angela, Lake Nino and the crown jewel, Lake Margherite, the community is a veritable desert oasis.

When Scottsdale Ranch was developed a decade later, planners adhered to many of the same guiding principles.  East of McCormick Ranch, it was built around a lake system, walking paths and parks in much the same fashion.  Once again, developers knew they needed to give people a reason to venture a little off the beaten path to buy their product.  They were selling a lifestyle as much as housing.  That lifestyle revolved around a meandering 42 acre waterway by the name of Lake Serena.

Lake Serena in Scottsdale Ranch

Flash forward a couple of decades and developers, by and large, stopped providing such extravagant amenities.   The area had become well established and new residents came in droves.  Land values shot through the figurative roof and builders saw no literal need to plop a man-made lake down on a parcel of land that could instead be used to build and sell another 100 or so more houses.

As such, there are relatively few waterfront options in Scottsdale outside of these two master planned communities.  They just don’t build’em like they used to.   While properties along the water in both developments are typically quite expensive, there are patio home and condo options that fit less extravagant budgets.  To help you get started with your waterfront search, following is a compilation of lake subdivisions located within McCormick Ranch and Scottsdale Ranch.

*You may wish to bookmark this page as each subdivision name will eventually include a link to detailed descriptions and current active listings.   It’s a work in progress.

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

McCormick Ranch

Vista Del Lago

Island At McCormick Ranch

Palo Viento 1

Heritage Village

Las Palomas

Scottsdale Ranch

Landings at Scottsdale Ranch

Las Brisas

Lake Serena Estates

The Bay Club

Lakeview Estates

Bayview Estates


Monterey Point

Charter Front

For less costly options that are near the water, but not necessarily located right on it, there are a few older neighborhoods further South (closer to Old Town) that abut Chaparral Park.  While the homes (and townhomes) in the area are far removed from the luxury market, it is a great option for those more concerned with location and amenities on a shoestring budget.  For high end townhomes, there is the Scottsdale Waterfront option along the canal banks in downtown Scottsdale (Old Town).  Pages dedicated to these neighborhoods will be added to the site over the coming weeks as well.

Chaparral Park

The right Scottsdale waterfront property is out there.  We’ll help you find it.

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McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans

McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale AZ

McCormick Ranch is Scottsdale’s first, and arguably greatest, master planned community.  Incorporated in 1972, McCormick Ranch was developed in phases to become the iconic community it is today.  Known for two championship 18-hole golf courses, more than 25 miles of bicycle paths, public tennis courts, 130 acres of man-made lakes, it is the greenery which makes it famous.  With available land not as abundant as it once was, it is highly unlikely that the Valley will see another community as devoted to its amenities.  These amenities are not just for show either as the lake system and greenbelt (Camelback Walk) was designed as a water drainage system.  In conjunction with the Indian Bend Wash, it is equipped to handle a 100-year flood.  For all of the terrific amenities, the annual planned development fee is a scant $210 (approximately) per household.


Homes in McCormick Ranch were primarily constructed from the early 1970s through the mid 1980s, with scattered in-fill construction.  Development began along the southern boundary at Indian Bend Road and progressed northward incrementally to Shea Boulevard.  It is bound on the west by Scottsdale Road and 92nd St on the east.  One fill-in condominium development is currently under construction.McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Home prices range from the $200,000s for a small condo to multi-million dollar properties on acre or waterfront lots.  There are two high school districts within McCormick Ranch.  Residents south of Via de Ventura Rd are in the Saguaro High School District, while those north of Via de Ventura are included in the Chaparral High School District.

*Read More About McCormick Ranch Schools


There are 3 resorts in McCormick Ranch:  The Millenium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch, The Radison Resort and Spa, and the Scottsdale Conference Center Resort.

McCormick Stillman Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

The Railroad Park in McCormick Ranch

Public Parks in the area include the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, Rotary Park, Mountain View Park, and several smaller neighborhood parks.

While this site is loaded with McCormick Ranch information (Real Estate and otherwise) to start you on your way, a computer will never do this idyllic community justice.  Read the individual subdivision spotlights, study up on the schools, uncover the unparalleled local amenities, peruse the latest homes for sale … then contact us for a tour through our favorite stomping grounds.  Coffee’s on us if you don’t fall in love with the Ranch like we did years ago.



(Click Names to View Neighborhood Spotlights)

Bear with us, this is a work in progress

North McCormick Ranch Subdivisions (Chaparral High School District)

Arabian Gardens Belcara at McCormick Ranch Casa Dia Festivo
Country Horizons El Paseo Estados De La Mancha
Heritage Terrace Heritage Village 3 Island at McCormick Ranch
Lakeside Villas Las Palomas Los Tesoros
Mountain View East Orange Tree Estates Palm Cove
Paradise Park Manor Paradise Park Trails Playa Del Sur
Sands McCormick Suggs Rancho McCormick Sun Canyon
Tierra De Los Reyes Tierra Del Norte Tierra Feliz 3
Tierra Nueva Villa De Vallarte Villa Hermosa
Vista De La Tierra Vista Del Cielo Vista Del Lago

South McCormick Ranch Subdivisions (Saguaro High School District)

Camello Vista Camino De Arboles Casa Serena
Cuernavaca Segundo Del Norte Gardens Estate Los Arboles
Heritage Village (I & II) La Mariposa Villas Meridian on McCormick Ranch
Palo Viento Palo Viento 2 Paseo Village
Paseo Villas Paseo Vista Paseo Verde
Pleasant Run Sandpiper Santa Fe
Scottsdale Park Villas Spanish Oaks Villa La Playa

Home Floor Plans



Find the Property that best fits your needs with our McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans page.



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Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

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