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McCormick Ranch Home Floor Plans

Lake Margherite in McCormick Ranch

Who says you can’t find new info on older houses? Click here for PDF floor plans for nearly 100 (and counting) different home models in McCormick Ranch!

“It’s Only a First Home” (and other bad advice).

The oil refinery next door isn’t really all that loud if you plug your ears and scream. Sign here, please.

New Phoenix Listings

New listings for Scottsdale homes!

New Real Estate listings in Phoenix! Click here to see the latest homes to hit the market in Phoenix. Updated Daily.

New Paradise Valley Listings

Cheney Estates in Paradise Valley, AZ

Click here to see new listings in the town of Paradise Valley. Updated Daily.

New Scottsdale Arrivals! Daily MLS Updates

New Scottsdale Real Estate Listings

Congratulations, it’s a … house! Click here for daily updates to new Scottsdale MLS listings, or to launch your own custom search.

Falling Equities … Are Realtors to Blame?

Credit crisis. Foot dragging financial institutions. Risky Loans. All are usual suspects in the housing market debacle of 2007-present. What responsibility do we agents bear for tumbling home equities?

There Sure is a lot of Crap Out There

There are thousands of listings to peruse in the current Scottsdale Real Estate market, but you might want to pack a HAZMAT suit and a snorkel if you want to see them all.

Short Sale Negotiation: Is There a Fox in Your Henhouse?

Short sale negotiation has become a cottage industry here in Scottsdale and the greater metro Phoenix area over the last few years. Of course, every cottage has a leaky pipe or two.

How Long Do I Have to Back Out of a Deal?

Contrary to popular opinion, the inspection period is not a “free look.” The lowdown on the rights and responsibilities of the buyer during this critical phase.

Has Housing Found It’s Legs? The Summer (And the Chicken) Will Tell.

Is the local housing market in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area poised for a recovery? The tic-tac-toe playing donkey says, “sorta.”

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